Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A fresh start

TAKE ME BACK TAKE ME BACK!!!! Am seriously exhausted from working part time and studying full time at the moment. IKR, i'm lousy lolol. I'm still working for Maventree btw, converted full time to part time. I know it's normal to have a part time job and going to school for only 3 times a week BUT waking up early at 7am for 5 consecutive days is sucha torture! (my working hours is from 8.30-1pm Mon to Fri) & the travelling time to school after work is also the SIANNNNNN part. In addition, there's just too many assignments to complete -,- I am definitely regretting it now. It's like throwing money out for yourself to suffer urghhhhh yea i'm being negative I can't help it. I'm sucha a slacker during my poly days, I can't adjust to this kind of "CHIONGGGGGGGG AHHH" life in studying. Tsktsk. I really look up to those who took up part time studies lah, can't imagine how tired they will be struggling with school at night and work in the day. Zai! Respect!!! Anw I guess this would just be a 'complain' post hahahaha. I'm in the midst of a project meeting online @ google docs now & I'm so noob cos I didn't know such thing existed, it was damn cool btw!!! Lol.

I'm serving my 1 month notice now, my last day will be on 27Feb!!! Time kind of files, I've started in July last year as a Temp HR Exec and 7months have passed. I know I haven't been updating my blog since then. Anw, I can't wait to leave the job cos I really can't survive the day with an average of 4-5hrs of sleep per day!! My dark circles are probably one of my biggest insecurities. Le sigh. But please let me know if you have any part-time job (with flexible working hours) to intro ok! I still want to earn money one! hahahaha. I need to pay my bills & fees!!!! I need to shop too. Haha.

Motivational quote for myself! Haha. Ok happy birthday to all Jan babies and Happy new year 2013 all!!! <3 <3 <3 (though Jan is coming to an end lol)

Xx, Vivian.

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