Monday, June 18, 2012


June June June & Yesssssssssss it's my 21st on the 3rd of June!!!
Damn old damn old. But what to do? Apply more makeups to conceal my wrinkles lollll

Had my celebration on the 2nd of June! Happy saturday night at Berjaya Hotel!! Really nice vintage hotel with colonial feel. Had a really memorable day thankful for the people I've met in my life <3 Here's some pictures:

Really good. Especially the FUCKING AWESOME MANGO CREAM PUFF!! Like seriously damn good.

Dear bff!!!

Bro's first attempt in making a two tier rainbow cake, also his 1st time making fondant! Thanks bro love it!

Thanks everybody for everything!!!!!!! :):) Had a really good dayy! xoxoxoooooooooo

Tanjong Pagar market for breakfast the next day which is my bday itself!! Had the most horrible fish soup ever!!! Check-out & napped for really long, like 5hours before heading to Porridge King with bf for bday dinner & to Night Safari aftermath!!

Really nice! Especially the sambal seafood omelette yumzz the serving was huge!! (Sorry I ate my steak halfway before this pic was taken hahaha) Shall try their porridge next time since it's called The Porridge King cafe!! The porridge must be really gooddddd right???? Haha

At the night safari! This is something new! They didn't have this area last year.

Looks really pretty but I really don't like it. I find it a bit too strong for my liking. But I'm really happy that Bf bought this for me cos I've always wanted to try TWG macarons! :)

Love my boyfriend!! Thanks baby for everything!! :D
Ok,That's the end for my bday awww :(

Btw I had an advance 21st celebration with my family/relatives at Aranda Country Club! Thankyou to my awesome family for putting in so much effort for the day<3 :D

Baked by bro!!! :)

k it's blur -.-

Swatow Seafood lunch buffet with fam & bf the next day!!! :)

Ok that's the end of my 21st celebration post!!! <3 Really thankful*** :):)

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