Thursday, January 26, 2012


My contract ended on 24Jan but it's a PH, so my last day's on the 20th of Jan! Before CNY! I'm now a free bird, also known as unemployed Lol. Okay I'll miss working at NCS cos the working environment's pretty good, but it's time for a change after 6months!! Will miss working with Jassy, having lunch & tea-breaks together!^^ Here's some pics with my colleagues. PS: I looked damn shitty D: I don't wear any makeups & contact lens on most of my working days. Don't get too shocked :(

Thanks May for the pressie, & William & Jenny for the angbaos on my last day! :) Very much appreciated! Would also like to thank Shuling & Amily for accompanying me to lunch @nyp whenever I'm alone! Xie xieeee hehe :* Lastly, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! (though it's already chu 4 today lol) GONG XI GONG XI.

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