Monday, January 2, 2012

My Christmas + New Year!

So, Christmas is over about a week ago & it's a start of a brand new year. Spent my joyful christmas eve with my very lovely girls at suntec & had the awesome mad for garlic for lunch! It's damn nice omgz. Gifts exchange, cards & goodies for everyone of us as usual. And gift exchange with bff ahjo as usual too. Love all da gifts & the girls! Went to meet QR @yishun for dins at xinwang & SL came after that, we slacked till near to 2am before I went to meet my WJ! Ohoh, it's the first time i'm spending my eve with QR & SL! :) Went town for dinz @laobeijing with family+WJ on christmas day! Xoxo. Yupz, that's how i spent my christmas :) Love christmas, it's sucha happy occasion!

2012! New year eve's afternoon was spent with WJ before he went for his night duty till the next morning, damn emo ): Couldn't count down with him this year! So I went over to QR's & we stayed up till 7am the next morning before I went home & we gotta catch some sleep before heading to ecp with the rest of the GGs! Post-xmas gifts xchange with them, cycling & UFO bbq steamboat, it was a good day but i'm aching all over after i got home hahahaha, im weak. 2011 is not a bad year! But I hope 2012 will be better because life kind of sucks & things starts to change after I graduated from Poly earlier this year. Ok, the next occasion that I'll be looking forward to is chinese new year! Gonna gain weight again ohmy. Haha. Okay im lazy to post photos & blog more here so that's the end of my post! Bye! See ya all soonnnzzzzzzzz <3

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