Sunday, October 2, 2011

Time can do so much

Can never disagree to this. Sigh :(

My sims social!!! :) Been chionging for 2weeks but now I've quitted playing. I lose my interest fast, i'm kinda a hot&cold person. 三分钟热度, that is. Lol. I have friends who have over 100+K house value!! SO ZAII!! Their house so pretty! POWER. I can never be that hardworking :(

Had a bad week last week! I DON'T WANT BAD DAYS/BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN ANYMORE, CAN A NOT?/ :'(( Please please! *Pray*

It's October already! Hopefully it'll be a good month.
& Happy 2 years 6 months to bf! :)
Okay I'm hungry now already, gonna go have my dins! :) Byeeeeeeeeeez

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