Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We all begin as strangers

It has been said that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. In theory, this means that if you feel strongly enough about someone to hate them, then there must be a little bit of love in the mix too; whereas indifference indicates there is little to no feeling at all. But that's not always true. If someone has truly hurt you or someone you love, or that person has betrayed you, or changed your life in some damaging way, then it would be understandable if you felt hateful about that person. However, hate destroys only the vessel that bares it. Work toward indifference when it comes to a current heartache, and start healing.

Read that from The Daily Horoscopes in my bb!
Working now & I can't stop sneezing! Makes me feel so sleepy wtf. Can't wait to end work cos it's T.G.I.F = Tomorrow Got Indian Festival LOLHAHA That's what everyone have been RT-ing in twitter today. Funnyz. Happy Deepavali! On a happier note, I'm meeting my favourite girls later! Looking forward :D YAYYYY XOXO!

1 and a half hour more to go...

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