Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It's boyfriend's 21st this year! Some may want to make it big on their 21st , having a chalet/ party or whatever, but he wanted the celebration to be simple & peaceful, most importantly, WITH ME. HEHEHEHEHH.

His actual birthday is on 17Aug, which is today, NOW. BUT HE'S IN CAMP LOL :/ We celebrated his birthday early last sat, in advanced. So this is a post for him on his big day!

Seriously, my time management is so LOUSY/POOR/SB LAN. Initially I wanted to go for a picnic + kite flying @barrage in the afternoon but i took too long to prepare & it rained zzzz, best thing is, we've already prepared the food & packed it in my chio pink lunch box! Okay, there's one thing I must confessed. I make the birthday boy cooked for his own birthday lunch which I was supposed to prepare & gave him a surprise. Lol. Sorry :( I don't have time to cook >< I was busy baking his cake. But I make the effort to go ntuc & shop for the ingredients to make the udon okay! Oh ya, I helped to slice the sausages & cut veggies too. So I deserve some credits right! :DDD Haha.

Baking the birthday cake for him using RICE COOKER. YAH MY RICE COOKER IS PRETTY AWESOME?? NO??

TAADAAH! And he was there when i bake. Bio me bake & decorate. Loolll

The udon that I was suppose to cook. My boyfriend love to eat taiwan sausage!
Smiley Smileeeee
Okay. So we went suntec to get him his present & it was almost dinner time. I brought bf to this really damn cheena ship to have his birthday buffet dinner! Reserved the table like almost 1week ago because I'm too kiasu. Lol. The surprise was a success, he was really happy but that was the biggest surprise that I've planned for the day, nothing bigger than that. Like damn lousy uh this girlfriend. Loollll. But it's the little things that make the most room in your heart isn't ittttttt. Hahaha :)

See, i told you it's a f*king cheena ship looollll. But quite cool what, no mehh?? hohoho. Like a moving temple or a huan zhu ge ge palace whatttttt hahaha

The scenery's really goodddddddddddddddd.

The buffet foods, YUMS.

SUNSET!!!! CHIO LIKE SIAOOO??? Imagine us eating while enjoying the scenery/sunset. So romantic?!

The ship even past by sentosa & the fireworks is from song of the sea!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3333333333333

Hope you like the surprises, presents, scrapbook, cake, dinner.. EVERYTHING! :) Thanks for being such an awesome boyfriend, you always make me feel so loved from day 1 till now, which is probably the 800++days already. & this is my third time celebrating your birthday with you! Omgz time files~ Anw hope you've enjoyed! & continue to enjoy your actual day in camp hahahaha. XO <3
I love you. Remember that.

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